The Coming of Tan: Past, Present, and Future of Humanity

Cosmic Revelations Unveiled
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Cosmic Revelations Unveiled

Before assuming his role as a Sirius-XM satellite radio host on Howard Stern’s channel, Riley Martin penned ‘The Coming of Tan,’ a remarkable literary work. Speculation hints at an elevated writing prowess, potentially influenced by extraterrestrial forces, surpassing his innate abilities. This profound composition serves as a revelation, urging humanity to harbor more concern for its own actions than for alien influences. The narrative convincingly exposes mankind’s culpability in transgressions against itself and the planet, positioning it as the true threat. Martin’s accreditation as an authority on extraterrestrials derives chiefly from his direct encounters, shaping the substance of over 80% of the book

Dive into the cosmic narrative with “Riley Martin: The Coming of Tan” This captivating exploration transcends mere pages; it’s a cosmic odyssey unveiling the intricate tapestry of humanity’s past, present, and cosmic destiny.

Cosmic Visions Across Time

Immerse yourself in Riley Martin’s revelations. Through his lens, traverse epochs, exploring ancient wisdom and future possibilities. Each page offers a celestial journey, bridging the gaps between humanity’s origins and its cosmic potential.

Cosmic Musings in Print

More than just a book, it’s a gateway to cosmic contemplation. Delve into the essence of celestial connections and the enigmatic vision of Riley Martin, offering insights that bridge the cosmic tapestry of past, present, and future.


Customer reviews

B. Hope

All I have to say is that this book is one of my all time favorites. I will never get rid of it. I seen Martin on the Jerry Springer Show in the 90’s as a kid. People made fun of him and his E.T story. Fast forward to 2011, I never seemed to have forgotten about him, I see videos of him on you YouTube on Howard Stern, same crap, people made fun of Martin, he talked a lot about his book, I researched more videos of Martin on YouTube and jumped at the chance to buy the book ASAP, I needed to know more and the book did not disappoint. I laughed, I was shocked, I felt impressed by the words and the description of advanced technology. The book is a surely a page turner, Martin makes the imagination go wild just reading it. If only we could experience what he did, we can only dream. The book is definitely a rare GEM INDEED. Bless his soul he is no longer here, but his book will live on forever.



I’m only halfway through, but Mr. Martin has been on one heck of an adventure. An elegant observer of the human condition, Riley weaves a tantalizing web of curiosities exploring the cosmos and our own morality here on Earth.



A good read so far. The author seems credible. Not your typical UFO book, the author provides detail that hasn’t been presented in other like subjects.


My goodness, this is truly a refreshing book. He uses Sh.. and Fu.. every so often, and it made me laugh all the more.
The information however is very rich.



In summary: They are a group of seven-types-of-aliens (to include the A-hole reptilians). There seems to be a kind of friendship among the “seven”, but the reptilians are ‘bad-boys” and in my opinion should be ousted or jailed for the havoc they did/do/done to our earth-people. The nice-guys of the seven-in-heaven (pun intended) were those directly involved in monkey-to-man events of the Old-testament, to include the Atlantis episode. They were those doing this “to us”, and they actually apologize for the errors they made along the way.


Of all the many books I read on alien-contactees, this one has lots of great information. The writer is a fun-wild-man (the more power to him), and has his own personal-human problems. Don’t let his weak side detract you from a very informative and funny book.


It so happens we can repel the elite-reptilian’s by mental-force of energized-angry-parental-love and clear-commands to leave humanity alone. They must obey galactic requests of the oppressed.


People are using this force to help get rid of this vermin. It is life or death to humanity, not that it matters. Life will just start all over again.