The Coming of Tan Millennium Edition by Riley L. Martin

Cosmic Chronicles Enhanced
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Cosmic Chronicles Enhanced

The Millennium Edition of “The Coming of Tan,” delves into the extraordinary journey of a young sharecropper’s son, Riley L. Martin. Born into humble beginnings, Riley’s life took a profound turn when he embarked on a remarkable adventure in 1953 that would forever change the course of human history. This captivating book takes you on a voyage beyond imagination, offering you a glimpse into Riley’s firsthand encounters with extraterrestrial beings. From his initial contact with the enigmatic Biaviian mothership to the life-altering moment when they bestowed upon him a mysterious headset, the narrative unfolds with gripping suspense.

Expanded Cosmic Visions

Through vivid storytelling, we invite you to explore the depths of Riley’s experiences as he shares the intricacies of his connection with these otherworldly entities. Are we alone in the cosmos, or are we part of a grander cosmic design? Prepare to question everything you thought you knew as you explore the pages of this thought-provoking book. 🚀 Imagine a headset that can download the history of humanity, unveil profound alien insights, and flood your mind with a wealth of celestial knowledge—all in a matter of seconds. In “The Coming of Tan,” Riley L. Martin recounts the astonishing moment when he was chosen to receive this cosmic gift while he slept. Thousands of intricate symbols, the legacy of humankind, and the wisdom of extraterrestrial life were imprinted into his memory.

Cosmic Musings Enriched

With Riley’s vivid descriptions and poignant recollections, you will embark on a journey of discovery and enlightenment. Explore the depths of this cosmic connection and let your imagination soar as you absorb the vast repository of knowledge bequeathed to Riley by his extraterrestrial mentors. With 413 pages, including 12 color pages, Riley shares the alien’s message in his own words. It is a message that we should all take responsibility for: Save This Planet.


Riley Martin is one of the most charming guys you could ever speak with.


When I bought the paperback version of this book from, he personally called and thanked me the next day. What’s more, he encouraged me to ask questions about anything & everything. Very rarely does someone with multiple “abduction claims” do this. He’s 100% into his subject matter.


Did he really make a connection with beings not of this earth? That’s inconsequential to what kind of man he is. Riley is a sweetheart, despite his rough past and abrasive style of business negotiation on the radio for his show, on “Sirius Radio.”


I recommend buying this book, because it’s actually quite amazing that someone who had problems getting a GED could all the sudden have an epiphany, and start to explain things like “physics” in a well-articulated manor. His knowledge of “all things space-related” is very impressive, and sometimes you catch yourself wondering how deep he can delve into the idea of space & time, star systems with billions of orbiting planets, etc.


He openly accepts calls on his Radio Show, which is another fascinating aspect of the Riley Martin phenomenon. Of course, many people call just to “prank” him, but Riley laughs it off, smooth as silk. He says he understands, and doesn’t mind the jokes, as long as the real callers can get through.


This book is an account of his story.


He basically says that beginning as a child, he’s had multiple encounters with extraterrestrials, and he claims that’s how he gathered all the scientific knowledge he now possesses. He goes into great detail about the different motives of E.T.s who might visit earth, and proposes that only when mankind can show appreciation for life (and the planet)will any benevolent extraterrestrials make themselves publicly known. Because people are so deeply religious, any introduction of E.T.’s could be devastating to many institutions, like the Vatican, and the space-travelers don’t feel earth is ready for transparency.


It’s an extremely interesting read, I certainly recommend you sign up for a free trial at Sirius just to hear his radio show (Tuesday nights, with repeats on Sunday.)


The book can be appreciated much more after you’ve heard him speak.


Riley is definitely an enigma. Even if you don’t believe him, he’ll amaze you.


There is no one like him, and I’m proud to call him my friend.